mywebftpWeb Based FTP Client


Latest Updates

Current version is 5.3.3. Here is the updates history. For latest main program updates please go to Hitcode Clients Area.

Free Version

Feel free to download the free version. Please note that this free demo has some limitations.

Lanaguage Files

MyWebFTP can be displayed in different languages. In the standard distribution only the English file is supplied although you can easily add your language.

Simply download your language file, unzip it on your machine and upload to the mwftp5/personal/lang (for the Pro version) or to mwftp5/free/lang (for the Free version), the new language will automatically appear in the language select list in the footer.

Available Languages

German by Felix Ruf
Nederlands by Arjan van der Hout

Your Language

If your language is not currently available, you can easily translate the language file. Please take the default English file in mwftp5/personal/lang (for the Pro version) or in mwftp5/free/lang (for the Free version) (or download it here), rename it to the short language code name (like ger or spa) and translate the text messages in the file keeping the code text between the <param> tags. This will take only 10-15 minutes.

We will greatly appreciate if you can send your language file to us!

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